The Woodland Luxury Apartments, most often referred to as the Woodlands, is the principal workplace, as well as the residence, of some of the authority figures of Fabletown on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, New York City.


Found in the apartment complex are the Business and Security offices, which acts as the city hall and sheriff's station, respectively. On the 13th Floor are the official witches and sorceress of Fabletown. Other Fables who can afford it and can pass as human also reside here.


The Business Office.

Within the building are certain rooms which are made substantially and dimensionally vast on the inside through magic, something not evident from the exterior appearance of the building.

The Business Office

The Business Office is the base of operations of Fabletown's "government" officials, particularly the Mayor, his/her Deputy, the Director of Operations, their assistants or clerks, and, in certain cases, the sheriff.

The interior of the room is in fact very large and is magically linked to the Homelands, housing several elements of the Homelands, such as the Witching Well and the Magic Mirror.

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