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This is the Witching Well. It destroys and devours, but our path lies this way.

The Witching Well is a magical well that acts as a portal to the lands of the deceased and was used by Fabletown to dispose of Fable bodies on the assumption that they couldn't return, as well as a punitive measure for Fables responsible for commiting great crimes.

Shere Khan's corpse was secretly taken from The Farm after Goldilocks's failed revolution and dumped down the well to prevent his resurrection. When Trusty John jumped into the well alive he described the experience as having been slowly devoured all the way down.

However, protected by the Forsworn Knight's armor, Flycatcher was able to survive the journey through the well and led an exodus of willing spirits to his former kingdom within the Empire to deal a crippling blow to the Adversary.

Book of Fables

The Witching Well is located in a chamber inside the Woodland building, where it is used to dispose of things meant to be never seen again. Dead Fables are committed to its depths, as are the most unredeemable criminals. No one is entirely sure what lies at the bottom of the well, nor indeed if it has a bottom at all, but it is widely assumed to be the passage to the final resting place.


People who have been dumped down the Witching Well.

NOTE: It's entirely possible that there are multiple Witching Wells throughout the various lands.