This article is about Bigby's mother. You may be looking for one of his daughters.
  Winter Wolf
Winter Wolf
Gender Female
Hair White
Family Bigby Wolf - Son
North Wind - Former Lover
(Unnamed) - Sons
Snow White - Daughter-in-law
Ambrose Wolf - Grandson
Darien Wolf - Grandson (Deceased)
Ghost Wolf - Grandson
Blossom Wolf - Granddaughter
Therese Wolf - Granddaughter
Winter Wolf - Granddaughter
First Appearance "Book of Fables"
Last Appearance "Book of Fables
Status Dead

Winter was the mother of Bigby Wolf and his brothers. Winter was a good and caring mother and Bigby regards her very highly and was displeased that his father, Mr. North, left her. Despite that, Winter loved and was devoted to him even to the moment of her death.

After her death, Bigby's siblings went in search of their father, but Bigby stayed behind to protect his mother's corpse from scavengers. Unfortunately, he was too small to defend her. From then on he vowed to eat something bigger each day until he was large enough to confront his father and finally make him pay for the pain he caused his family.

Her memory lives on through Snow and Bigby's daughter who shares her name.

Book of Fables Entry

Bigby's mother, Winter, fell in love with the North Wind and bore him seven wolf cubs. But he quickly grew tired of her and left Winter. Heartbroken and alone, she tried to care for her cubs despite her grief. She was especially fond of Bigby, but as the runt of the litter he was often teased by his older brothers.

The Wolf Among Us

While not appearing in The Wolf Among Us, Winter is briefly mentioned by Mary during her fight with Bigby in "Cry Wolf". Her Book of Fables entry can be unlocked by not punching Mary while she's talking to the Crooked Man in the foundry.

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