Tommy Sharp was a mundy journalist who came close to discovering the nature of Fabletown. 


Tommy Sharp wrote a column called Sharp Comments for the Daily Mail. He stumbled upon Fabletown and began to investigate. He discovered that the residents have lived there for hundreds of years without aging. He mistakenly believed that they were vampires.

Before publishing his story, Sharp confronted Bigby Wolf, giving him a chance to respond. Later that night, the fables came to steal the evidence. Using Sleeping Beauty's curse, they were able to make everyone in Sharp's apartment fall asleep. They were able to steal all the physical evidence and that on his computer, but they discovered that he had a secure online backup.

Since they couldn't get to that, there was a change of plans. With Pinocchio's help, they staged photos of Sharp as a pedophile. They also tricked him into believing they bit him. The fables threatened to make Sharp kill himself and then release their fake photos if he published his story about them.

A few weeks after these events, Bluebeard met with Sharp. After confirming that all the files about them had been destroyed, he killed Sharp.

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