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Is that you Bigby? Are you okay? Do you recognize me? I'm Thrushbeard. Your friend. Okay, maybe we weren't close, but I'm a fable, like you. Just like you. I want to bring you home. First, back to Fabletown, where you'll be safe from the mundys. You can see I'm no danger to you.
— Thrushbeard's final words to a feral Bigby.[src]

Thrushbeard is a fable that first appears in Fables 21. He can often be found in the Branstock Tavern with Edmond Dantès.


Still as hirsute as his name suggests, Thrushbeard apparently managed to escape the Homelands with some of his royal fortune, as observed by Jack when he tried to sell the exiled King the magic beans; Thrushbeard, wise to Jack's ways, wanted nothing to do with it. He can often be found drinking in the Branstock Tavern with Edmond Dantès. Whether his wife escaped the Homelands with him is unknown.

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