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The Three Little Pigs are three brothers, namely Colin, Dun, and Posey.



In the Homelands, the Big Bad Wolf blew down two of the brothers' houses, the ones made of stick and straw (Colin's), while the third's house, which was made of bricks, became their home.


After the Adversary conquered the Homelands, the pigs were among the Fables who were able to escape to the mundy world. Unable to afford glamour to take on the appearance of humans, the brothers were forced to live in the Farm, the refuge in New York for all Fables who cannot pass as human.

The brothers, along with several others, grew to despise the Farm and began seeing it as a prison. While Colin developed a habit of escaping the Farm and traveling to the city to stay with Bigby Wolf, his two brothers, taking initiative, decided to jump start a campaign among the Farm-folks to retake the Homelands.

Colin, Dun and Posey were all killed by the end of the failed revolution but a trio of giants from Valley of the Big SleepersJohnny, Donny and Lonny — were magically transformed into pigs so that the Three Little Pigs' story still matched Mundy expectations.

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