• hey, what's up? 
    I'm a fables fan but I can't find any active forum about the comics or TWAU. Looks like the people just forgot about how Fables is fantastic. So I have to question: do you know any active group or something to indicate?  P.S: sorry for my bad english, I ain't american or british. 

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    • Hi, thanks so much for reaching out. It's always nice to have another Fables fanatic! :)

      Unfortunately, I am not aware of any such thing. To the best of my knowledge, here is virtually the only place we few Fables lovers congregate. But feel free to start a discussion on the discussion forum and see if it attracts any attention. Perhaps after TWUA Season 2 debuts we'll see more activity.

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    • I saw that here is the only place where the topics about fables are constantly updated and this makes me so happy. Well, thanks for your answering and I really hope that TWAU season 2 brings back the popularity of the game and comic. See ya :)  

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