Therese Wolf
I129 Therese
Gender Female
Species Fable
Hair Blonde
Occupation Queen of Toyland
Family Unnamed Great-Grandmother (Presumably deceased)
North Wind - Grandfather (Deceased)
Winter Wolf - Grandmother (Deceased)
Unnamed Grandfather (Deceased)
Lauda - Grandmother (Presumably deceased)
South Wind - Great-Aunt
West Wind - Great-Uncle
East Wind - Great-Uncle
Unnamed Great-Aunt (Snow's "Stepmother") (Presumably deceased)
Geirvé - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Halldis - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Hallerna - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Ísond - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Káta - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Kolbrún - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Lif - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Lúta - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Nauma - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Syala - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Tobba - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Valka - Great-Aunt (Deceased)
Bigby Wolf - Father
Snow White - Mother
Greyheart - Uncle
Snapjaw - Uncle
Longtooth - Uncle (Deceased)
Three Unnamed Uncles
Rose Red - Aunt
Winter Wolf - Sister
Blossom Wolf - Sister
Darien Wolf - Brother (Deceased)
Conner Wolf - Brother
Ambrose Wolf - Brother
Ghost Wolf - Brother
Lake - Sister-in-Law
Six Unnamed Nephews and Nieces
First Appearance "Fables 30"
Last Appearance Fables 150
Status Alive
Series Lifespan "Fables 30" to Fables 150
Original Source Original Character
Therese Wolf Gallery

Therese Wolf is one of the daughters of Bigby Wolf and Snow White.

History Edit

Therese was quite stubborn and often wanted things. She bickered with her siblings a lot, and often acted spoiled.

Cubs in Toyland Edit

The third will do an evil thing.
— Summer Prophecy

One Christmas, Therese received a plastic toy boat. Disappointed by her gift, and with no knowledge of who sent it, she sulked and was overall upset. As she sought to play with her siblings, Darien teased her. The boat eventually began speaking to her, and led her to a river in the forest.

When the boat touched water, it grew in size, big enough for her to embark. The boat told her she was going on an adventure.

The boat, it turns out, took her to Toyland, or Discardia, where broken and forgotten toys live. Toyland was seeking a new queen, and Therese is the new candidate. Therese begins to worry about her absence from her home, and soon the idea of being the queen of her own kingdom loses its appeal. With no food to eat, Therese grows hungrier and moodier.

Eventually, Darien attempts to save her, with the help of the tiger. The toys take this as an attack on their queen, and manage to injure Darien, while they captured the tiger. They take him to Therese to be tried for treason, and the girl, starved, inflicts death upon him.

She then demands to be fed, and eats parts of the tiger raw. The tiger was once a friend, but Therese is losing herself in hunger and despair. Displeased by the raw food, she asks for the meat to be cooked, and when told that there is no wood for fire, she points to the wooden toys.

Eventually Therese stumbles upon a big cauldron filled with food that never runs out, a magical item. She quickly figures out that the cauldron was activated following Darien's sacrifice. Overwhelmed with grief, Therese closes into herself until she decides to fix Toyland and make it a better kingdom. She works for years to that effect, feeding herself off of the cauldron despite the food never tasting like anything but ashes to her.

Finally, she decides she must return to Wolf Valley to tell her mother and father what happened to her brother Darien, and where she has gone all those years. Time, however, moves differently in Toyland, and although she is years older now, she returns to her family home to find her siblings at the age they were when she left.

Characteristics Edit

Not much is known of Therese at her current age. After her years spent as the queen of Toyland, she seems to have become a quiet, sullen person. During her stay in Toyland Therese worried about her mother and siblings and how much they would be worried about her absence.

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