BOF Tweedles

The Tweedles are twin Fables who appear in The Wolf Among Us. They appear as hired investigators as first, but soon become murder suspects, and ultimately turn out to be members of the Crooked Man's crew as muscle. They are included as an unlockable entry in the Book of Fables. For more detailed information on each brother, see Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

They have an office, though it only appears in A Crooked Mile if you do not visit Crane's apartment first then the Trip Trap (and you only will be able to investigate it if you visit it first or if you visit it after the Trip Trap).

Book of Fables EntryEdit

The Tweedle brothers, Dum and Dee, are thugs for hire. They appear human, allowing them to carry out their contracts in the mundy world without drawing suspicion. They are as inseparable as they are ruthless.

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