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Snow White: The Farm isn't a prison. It is a wonderful, thriving, Fable community. Ninety cents of every dollar we spend is right here—to keep the farm going, Posey.
Dun: Spend a thousand times more, so we're all immersed in every possible type of luxury—turn this place into a sybarite's paradise—and it would still be a prison, because we aren't allowed to leave!
~ Snow White and Dun debating the Farm in Fables #6 — "Road Trip: Part One of Animal Farm"

The Farm is an annex to Fabletown. Located in upstate New York, it is predominantly home to Fables that cannot pass as human or afford a glamour.



A map of the Farm.

Sort of like Old MacDonald meets Walt Disney meets Munchkinland.
~ Rose Red describing the Farm, Fables #6 — "Road Trip: Part One of Animal Farm"


The Farm is said to be a day's drive away from Fabletown.[6] Most of the inhabitants on the Farm are Fables who cannot pass as humans[4] or afford a glamour;[7] and are therefore required to live there, because Fabletown laws strictly forbid anything that might reveal the Fables' magical nature to the mundys. However, some are humans who opt for the rural life instead of city living, or end up laboring at the Farm due to their transgressions against Fabletown's regulations.[4]

The diversity in population[4] results in a variety of dwellings; from houses and huts, to dens and nests.[8]

Main village

Fables 108 The Farm

The Farm's main village.

Many of the Fables live in the main village,[9] also known as the town,[10] just off the road.[9] It is a quaint, rural village of huts and houses, barns and stables.[4]

Main square

The main village's open space is referred to as the village center,[11] the main square,[4][12] the town square,[13] the Farm square[14] or just the square.[10][15] It is sometimes used for important gatherings.[3][11][13]


In the Farm square, there is a well accompanied by a water trough where the animal Fables quench their thirst.[14]

Main house

The primary hub of the Farm is referred to as the main house,[4][16] or the farmhouse[11] or the main building.[16] Here is where Weyland Smith used to sleep during his time as the leader of the Farm,[11] and where the current leader Rose Red resides in her own room[17] on the third floor.[18] The administrative office[19] is where she, along with Stinky and Mustard Pot Pete, manages the Farm.[17] The main house also houses a single VIP guest room for visitors: Due to space constraints, the Farm cannot afford to have more than one VIP guest room unoccupied.[2] Mustard Put Pete lives in a mustard pot[17][20] within the same building.[21] Boy Blue's Room, a little attic space, was located on the third floor. This was where Boy Blue had made his home during his years of community service at the Farm.[22]

The building also included a porch entrance, a short corridor, and a main staircase.[22]


The barn is located on the left-hand side of the main building and serves as a storage space for hay,[2] crops,[2] tractors[19] and plows.[23] It is also used for the milking of cows.[19][24] It sometimes doubles as a meeting room for animal Fables.[2][23][25]

Kitchen garden

The kitchen garden is located next to the barn.[2]

Pumpkin House

The Pumpkin House,[3] a furnished miniature building which looks like a carved-out pumpkin,[26] is located on the left-hand side of the main building, behind the barn.[2] The magicians of the 13th Floor took up residence there while handling the animal Fables' requests for glamours.[3] They also utilized this space for their meetings during the time of crisis posed by Mister Dark.[26]

Giant shoe

The giant shoe inhabited by the Old Woman[4] is located on the right-hand side of the main building.[2]

Three Little Pigs' house

Just down the lane from the shoe-house,[4] on the right-hand side of the main building,[2] is a piggy-sized house of bricks[4] inhabited by the Three Little Pigs:[2][4] Their mistake of constructing houses using different materials taught them a valuable lesson long ago.[4]

Blacksmith's forge

The blacksmith's forge,[4] also known the blacksmith's lodge,[24] is the workshop of Weyland Smith. Besides the primary workshop, the edifice also boasted a modest living space, featuring a solitary leaded window, a bedroom, and an outdoor toilet. The workshop featured an open ceiling with sturdy oak rafters supporting slate tiles, and the roof was held by huge beams, anchored in the thick, dry stone walls from which the entire building had been constructed. In the center of the workshop was the forge, with a huge stone chimney. One part of the room was set aside for woodwork. Following Weyland's passing in the battle of Fabletown, the forge had largely been left abandoned.[22]


The blacksmith's forge is attached to one of the stables.[4]

Tom Thumb's castle

Tom Thumb lives in a miniature castle keep with a tiny moat and curtain wall,[4] next to the Pumpkin House.[11]

Goat pen

Nestled in a small hillside,[11] the goat pen[4] houses the Three Billy Goats Gruff in their underground dwelling. Its entrance is marked by a circular door.[11]

André Gardens

André Gardens is where Mister Sunflower resides along with Alderman Poppy, the Dormouse Juggler, Old Maid Hollyhock and Snapdragon. In the center, the bees reside in their own Bee Hive.[14]

Mary's cottage

Mary resides in a quaint little cottage complete with a white picket fence. The building is situated behind the small castle with two towers and the black and yellow house with a red roof,[15] both of which are to the west of the main building.[2] Following the heart-wrenching loss of her precious Little Lamb,[15] she seeks solace in gardening and nurtures a beautiful garden.[24]

New Camelot

With King Cole's financial support, Rose Red builds a new castle on the Farm specifically for her new Round Table and its knights.[27] The castle is aptly named New Camelot.[25][28]

Other areas

To the east of the main village are the farmlands, the grasslands, and the livestock fields.[9]

South of the main village is the Great Woods. Inside the woods is Smalltown,[9] a town for diminutive humans, such as Lilliputians and Thumbelina.[20]

To the southeast of the main village is a valley.[9] It used to be the Valley of Big Sleepers, a home for giants, dragons, and other colossal Fables.[29] After they left, it was given to Bigby Wolf as Wolf Valley.[30]

Baba Yaga's cabin on chicken legs is an item kept under strict control at the Farm.[19]

Reynard's den is home to Reynard the Fox.[21]

Brock Blueheart lives in a cozy set.[26]



Fairest in all the Land the Farm

An idyllic view of the Farm.

Originally, Fabletown was far enough from Mundy civilizations that all fables could live together. As New York City grew, it became clear that the more noticeable Fables would have to leave. A piece of land was bought in upstate New York to become the Farm. Powerful spells were put into place to prevent Mundys from ever finding the Farm's location.


Recently, many of the Fables living on the Farm, led by Goldilocks, tried to take control of the village for themselves, overthrowing Weyland from his leadership. Their revolution failed due to Snow White and Rose Red's involvement. Defeated, the revolutionaries' ringleaders were executed, while all other participants were imprisoned or sentenced to hard labor.

Following the revolution, Rose Red was given the responsibility of leading the Farm.

Known inhabitants

Among the known inhabitants of the Farm are:

Other media

The Wolf Among Us

The Farm is frequently mentioned in The Wolf Among Us, and Bigby has the option of sending Colin and Toad there during "In Sheep's Clothing" for not using glamour. Colin can be allowed to stay in the Woodlands, but Toad and his son will be sent up regardless of the player's actions. Additionally, if the Crooked Man was spared and turned into a raven by Aunty Greenleaf, he is also sent to the Farm.

The Farm also has an entry within the Book of Fables.

The Farm is home to Fables who cannot pass as human - giants, goblins, animals, etc. It is located in upstate New York, far enough away from the mundies to avoid detection. Some of its residents resent their confinement to the Farm, despite its size and comforts. To them, the Farm is a prison. They would be allowed to leave The Farm if they could purchase a glamour, but many don't have the money for something so expensive. Though some, like Colin, sneak out into the city anyway.

Original source

The Farm is based on Manor Farm from George Orwell's novel Animal Farm. The animals in the novel come together to stage a revolution on the farm, ultimately driving away the human owner. Under the leadership of two pigs, a communist system is introduced, leading to the farm becoming a dictatorship.[31]


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