The Empire is the nation that rules over the majority of the Homelands. The Emperor is the official ruler, but Geppetto is the real Adversary. Geppetto's true role is known only be the ruling elite. The empire is cruel and oppressive, not afraid to treat their own people poorly to achieve their goals.


The Empire spans over a thousand worlds. The worlds themselves vary greatly. Each of them has a governor. The governors are given free reign as long as they comply with the law of the Empire.

Worlds that are part of the empire include:



The empire grew out of Geppetto's wood carving business. Some citizens of his own world asked him to replace the count with a puppet because the count was going insane. Word of this spread and soon many nearby kingdoms replaced their rulers with one of Geppetto's puppets. Each puppet was enchanted to be loyal to Geppetto, giving him control over each kingdom they ruled.

As time went on, decided that conquest was faster than using puppets to gain control over new lands. He created the Emperor and began to take kingdoms by force. He instituted a program of conquering for 50 years and then taking 50 years to consolidate their gains. Some people became loyal citizens while others fled to Fabletown. Eventually, he defeated all of the European homeworlds and turned his eyes to the Arabian ones.

War with FabletownEdit

In recent times, the Empire was attacked in two solo missions from Fabletown. Boy Blue killed many of the Empire's officials and attempted to kill even Geppetto himself while Bigby Wolf was able to destroy the Magic Grove. A force of wooden soldiers were unable to destroy the town; rather, they were taken captive.

Shortly after these events, Geppetto called a counsel to determine the fate of Fabletown. The Snow Queen suggested a campaign of plague, fire, ice, and famine to completely devastate the mundane world. Pinocchio was able to stall the plan by pointing out how easily the mundies would retaliate as long as Fabletown could explain what's going on.



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