Shere Khan was a Fable tiger who lived at The Farm. He is based on the main antagonist of The Jungle Book.


During Goldilocks' revolution at The Farm, Shere Khan attemped to hunt down and murder Fabletown deputy mayor Snow White but he was eventually killed by her in the mountains that bordered the Valley of the Big Sleepers.

While Khan's grave was marked at the site of his demise, his body was secretly transported to Fabletown and dumped down the Witching Well to prevent his resurrection.

However, Flycatcher later traveled through down the well and led an exodus of willing spirits out of the lands of the dead to retake his kingdom in the Homelands. Shere Khan joined them as a means to regain corporeal form then betrayed the group to the Adversary, unaware that Flycatcher was taking advantage of the tiger's duplicitous nature to deal a crippling blow to the Emperor's forces.

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