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The exterior of the building.
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The foundry's interior.
Sheppard Metalworks
Type Foundry
Location Fabletown
Seen in Series Video Game
Issue/Episode "Cry Wolf"
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Shepard Metalworks is an old foundry located in the outskirts of Fabletown. It is used by the Crooked Man as a storage location for information about the various Fables he has observed over the years. 


Episode 5: Cry Wolf

After confronting Georgie and Vivian at the Pudding & Pie, Bigby travels to the Metalworks to deal with the Crooked Man. Boxes of information on various Fables can be seen piled up in the factory, as well as pictures related to the murders of Faith and Lily. Bigby then enters a workshop where silver bullets are being produced, and is attacked by Bloody Mary. The Crooked Man then enters and commands Mary to kill the sheriff, then quickly exits. The pair moves the fight into the main room of the factory, and Mary changes to her true form. Bigby is eventually knocked to the floor and transforms into his werewolf form, only to see dozens of Mary clones approaching him. The sheriff is quickly overwhelmed before transforming into his full wolf form. Afterwards, he gains the upper hand, using his huff and puff ability to destroy most of the Marys. The last one attempts to stab him in the eye with a shard of glass, but is shattered just before doing so.

Bigby then returns to his human form and goes to confront the Crooked Man in the foreman's office. The crime lord demands to be taken to the Woodlands for his formal trial, and Bigby can choose to either do so or be more violent. He will then pin the Crooked Man against the wall and gets to option to violently choke him to death. Otherwise, Bigby cuffs the Crooked Man and marches him out of the Metalworks.