If, if, if, why worry yourself with all these ifs when the proof is right here in the trying.
— Puss while in Scotland

Puss in Boots is a fable that resides at The Farm and first appears in Fables 6.


Puss in Boots is first seen listening to the revolutionaries. After this Puss makes several silent appearances and cameos from Issue 6 to Issue 9.

In Issue 139 Puss in Boots is playing in a band, he plays the fiddle. Puss joins Piper, Baby Joe Shepherd, Briar, and Seamus McGuire. Puss goes along with the party to the Fable counterpart for Scotland, and was hidden for the majority of the trip.

In Issue 140 after killing multiple CuSith, Puss in Boots is thought to be dead due to the party finding his rapier and hat. Puss is mentioned a few times after this.

Later in Issue 140 after Joes' sacrifice Puss returns with the help of the giants and he is able to help defeat the CuSith at the Castle of Baobahn Smith.

Puss was nearly eaten by the giants but was able to persuade them into helping during the final battle.

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