I144 Ozma
Gender Female
Species Fable
Hair Blonde
Eyes Blue
Occupation Leader of the 13th Floor
First Appearance "Fables 25"
Last Appearance "Fables 144"
Death Issue "Fables 144"
Cause of Death Throat torn out by Bigby.
Status Dead
Series Lifespan "Fables 25" to "Fables 144"
Original Source The Marvelous Land of Oz
144 Ozma Death
Ozma's throat is torn out by a feral Bigby.
Ozma Gallery

Ozma was the third leader of the 13th Floor

Although an innocent and sweet looking girl, she is in fact ambitious and cunning. She is a powerful witch in her own right and regards Frau Totenkinder as a rival.

After Frau Totenkinder left to deal with Mr. Dark, she became the leader of the 13th Floor. At the Farm, she was locked in a power-struggle with Geppetto about the leadership of the Farm. After Rose Red recovered from her depression, she allowed Ozma to become one of her advisors. During the crisis with Mr. Dark, she actively spies on him in an attempt to discover any weaknesses.

She later retreats with the other fables to Flycatcher's Haven in order to prepare themselves for a last stand against Mr. Dark.

She also made a prophecy about Bigby Wolf's and Snow White's seven children.

After Bigby is turned to glass and shattered by Prince Brandish, Ozma and the other 13th Floor members attempt to repair him, and collect all of the glass shards but one, which was taken by Leigh. She uses the shard to craft a ring that allows her to control the wolf, then replaces the piece, allowing him to return to life, albeit in a feral and violent form. Upon discovering his return, Ozma decides to attempt to subdue him, and confronts him alongside Beast. However, Bigby effortlessly kills both of them, mauling Beast in his armored suit and tearing Ozma's throat out.

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