SAM Open Arms Exterior
The sign for the Open Arms.
SAM Open Arms Lobby
The hotel's lobby.
Open Arms Hotel
Type Hotel
Location The Bronx, New York
Seen in Series Video Game
Issue/Episode "Smoke & Mirrors" to "A Crooked Mile"
Real-world Counterpart/Filming Location [[Wikipedia:{{{IRL}}}|{{{IRL}}}]]
Location Theme [[File:{{{Theme}}}]]

The Open Arms Hotel is a location featured in The Wolf Among Us. A rundown establishment down the road from the Pudding & Pie, it is used by its girls for prostitution appointments. It also also Beauty's current place of employment.


Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors

After Nerissa gave Bigby keys to the one of the room (204) in the Open Arms, to lead him there, Bigby discovers this is the place where Beauty went after seeing her last time outside the Woodlands. She explains him that she works here to help pay rents. Bigby asks her a few questions about Faith, Lily and her last night in this hotel. When Bigby wants to check the room (207) where Lily spend her last night, Beauty wants to go with him in case if somebody would caught him exploring the hotel because she doesn't want to get in trouble. After finding Lily's room, Bigby asks Beauty to open the door cause he doesn't have the key to Lily's room and he wants to check this place out. At this moment both of them hear somebody calling for Beauty. She recognizes the voice of her husband. When Beast saw Bigby and his wife together, he gets furious. Beauty tries to call him down but he doesn't want to listen to her. He attacks Bigby and one of them breaks the door to the room 207 during the fight. They find there a bed with flowers, covered in blood. Bigby asks Beast to don't let anybody in. Beauty stays with Bigby in the room. They found out why Lily was glamoured as Snow White. Somebody was using Lily to replay Snow White's story. Bigby finds out that someone was stalking Snow for a very long time. He discovers a few pictures of him, Lily, Snow White and one of them shows Ichabod Crane with glamoured Lily in room 207.

Episode 3: A Crooked Mile

After Bigby discovers the picture of Crane, he angrily storms down the stairs to the lobby with Beauty in tow. Beast demands to know what's going on while Bigby tries to use the broken phone to call Snow and warn her. Beauty explains to her husband what they found, then attempts to calm Bigby down. Beast mentions that he heard Grendel talking about Lily's funeral taking place under the Buckingham Bridge, prompting Bigby to storm out of the hotel. Beauty stops him before he gets too far and advises him to be cautious in his explanation to Snow, as she will very likely take it much worse than he did. Bigby then walks off, presumably finding a cab.

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