The Mundies

The Mundies.

, or the Mundane, is the Fables' slang term for normal humans citizens, their technology, or the world itself. They are not part of any fairy tales, and apart from a very few cases, the Mundies are generally unaware of the existence of the Fables and magic in general.


To the Mundy population the Fables and their exploits are nothing more than fairytales, folklore, myth or even nursery rhymes. Depending on the popularity of the stories, the fables seem to accordingly grow in power.

The Mundy World is also a curiosity to the Fablekind, for it encompase the multitude of Homelands into its own miniature version, like a small-scale map of the different worlds. Also, despite being almost bereft of magic, there exists some cases of native mystical nature such as Nick Slick and the Grandfather Oak.

The Wolf Among Us

In The Wolf Among Us they have an entry within the Book of Fables:

Short for "mundane", mundy is a catch-all term that Fables use to refer to the non-magical inhabitants of their adopted home. Warding spells placed around the blocks of Fabletown and The Farm keep their minds distracted and dull within certain boundaries. However, if anything should pique the curiosity or scrutiny of a large group of mundies, these magical protection charms would overload and fail. As sheriff of Fabletown, one of Bigby's primary functions is ensuring the Fabletown community maintains a low profile.

Known Mundies

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