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This article is about the Comic Series character. You may be looking for his Video Game counterpart.

Mr. Toad is a Fable that resides at The Farm and first appears in Fables 6.


The Wolf Among Us

Mr. Toad's video game counterpart is a main character in The Wolf Among Us. Toad's counterpart is seen as rude, stubborn, selfish, and very profane. Although, showing signs of intelligence. He is the first character Bigby Wolf interacts with. His main story arch is of his innabillity to purchase a glamour, causing many altercations with Bigby and Snow. He does not have the money to purchase glamours for him and his son, which causes a problem between Toad, Bigby, and the Fabletown government, The Fabletown government strictly requires the use of a glamour for non human Fables. If a Fable is unable to purchase one, they are sent to the Farm. A place in upstate New York where inhuman Fables are allowed to roam freely without the risk of being spotted by mundies. So, Toad not being able to buy a glamour annoys Bigby, who is supposed to enforce this glamour law. In Episode 4, "In Sheep's Clothing" Bigby can either give Toad another oppurtunity to buy glamours for him and his son, offer Toad money so he can purchase glamours, or just reject him the chance to buy glamours and or give him money, or tell him that his son and him will be shipped to the Farm. However, regardless of Bigby's choice, Toad is still sent to the Farm in the next episode. This is Mr. Toad's history from The Wolf Among Us, however, the Mr. Toad seen in The Wolf Among Us is not the same Mr. Toad seen in the Fables comic books, as both the game and the comics taking place in two completely seperate universes. Therefore, the history of the Toad seen in the comic books is unknown.

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The Farm

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