Molly Benson
Molly Benson 1
Portrays Nerissa
Occupation Voice Actor
Gender Female
Hair Red
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
Molly Benson is an American voice actress who portrays Nerissa in The Wolf Among Us

Other Works

Benson has does voicework in several other video games, including Phantasy Star Portable 2, Sim City 2, A Vampyre Story, Ironman 2 for iphone, and was the original voice of Poppy in League of Legends. Benson also has voice many of the female characters in the Dark Parables series, including The Curse of Briar Rose, The Frog Prince, The Red Riding Hood Sisters, The Final Cinderella, Jack and the Sky Kingdom, and The Ballad of Rapunzel.

She has also appeared in several movies and short films, including The Green Leaves of AutumnTeachings of the Disgusting and Awful, Violent Jake, Drexel Crosses the Poverty Line, Women and Cigarettes, and The Annual.

She is currently in the hip new web series, Cake Walk. You can see her in episode 3 Save the Date.

Benson has been doing voice acting in the Bay Area and Los Angeles for over 10 years now, and has voiced countless radio and TV commercials, ipad and iphone apps and games, many other video games, web and industrial spots. Benson is also a theater actress and a mosaic artist.

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