Maddy is a character who appeared in Fables. She first appeared on Fables 25.


Maddy is an enchantress with incredible power, who went by many names over hundreds of years. Her more famous guises were probably as the goddess Medea, and the dark witch, Sycorax.

Preferring the current form of a black cat with a devil tail, Maddy is a member of the 13th Floor. Most recently, she volunteered to spy on Mr. Dark who, even with all his power, could not detect her presence.

Powers & Abilities


Maddy was stated by herself to have been numerous powerful enchantress/sorceress with numerous identities from various stories,making her one of the most powerful magic users from the 13th Floor,with her immense power later being proven true when she managed to slip past the Dark Man's numerous defenses and remain undetected by him despite her being in close proximity to him.

  • Immortality: Like all Fables,Maddy is completely immortal and unaging, having retained the same youthful vigor for hundreds of years unhindered by both her popularity as a Fable and her own Magical Nature as a powerful Magic User.
    • Superhuman Durability: Due to Maddy claiming to be Medea of the popular Greek Myth of Jason and the Argonauts and Sycorax of Shakespear's,The Tempest, It is likely that Maddy possess an immortality much stronger than the average Fable due to to how well known she is among the Mundy population due to her myths,stories and legends being practically common knowledge to them.
  • Witchcraft: Like her fellow Witches of the 13th Floor,Maddy has been shown to be an immensely powerful magic user,with her abilities & knowledge being comparable to her fellow 13th floor coven mates Frau Totenkinder and Ozma and her age having been implied to be close to their own. Maddy herself was noted to have assisted the other witches of the 13th floor in creating the numerous anti detection spells placed on Fabletown and was later noted to have also assisted them in weaponizing and analyzing the unique sleeping curse placed on Briar Rose and later served as one of the primary teachers for the newly opened Frau Totenkinder Memorial School.
    • Transformation & Shapeshifting: Maddy has showcased immense skill in the art of transformation and shapshifting having displayed the ability to freely change her shape into any form she desired, as seen when she was able to easily change herself into a crow for aerial travel and reconnaissance and implied that prior to changing into her current cat form,she had taken a variety of different appearances & identities over the centuries during the course of her long life.
    • Detection & Tracking: Maddy has stated that she was the master of "Hide & Seek" and later proclaimed that no one was capable of hiding themselves from her the moment she set her sights on them as seen when she managed to easily track down the immensely powerful Frau Totenkinder despite her actively trying to hide her location from her fellow Witches of the 13th Floor.
    • Stealth: However Maddy's most impressive skills and powers lied in her ability to completely hide her presence even from the most powerful magic users, as seen when she managed to easily spy on both Frau Totenkinder & Geppetto without either of them noticing her despite both of them being immensely powerful magic users as well.And later was able to spy and infiltrate the controlled territory of Mister Dark, one of the Great Powers for a prolonged period of time without being detected by him despite his immense power and even managed to send discrete messages and intelligence to her comrades in Fabletown without his notice.


  • Maddy and Prospero have a history with each other, back when she was known as Sycorax. It's unknown if he's aware of her new identity, though the Pre-Amnesty agreement would make it illegal for either of them to act on old grudges.

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