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The following is a list of locations that are featured in Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us.

Location's Image Location's Name Information
FTH Manhattan Skyline.png New York City A major American city that contains Fabletown.
FTH Toad's Tenement.png Toad's Tenement A tenement building owned by Mr. Toad. The Woodsman owns an apartment in it.
FTH Woody's Apartment Daytime.png Woodsman's Apartment An apartment in Toad's tenement owned by the Woodsman.
FTH Woodlands Exterior.png Woodland Luxury Apartments An apartment building that serves as a residence for a large number of Fables as well as the Fabletown government.
ISC Bigby's Apartment.png Bigby's Apartment An apartment in the Woodlands, apparently the smallest in Fabletown. Bigby calls it home during the precious little downtime he has.
ISC Back to the Office.png Business Office A cavernous room in the Woodlands that is home to the Fabletown government and archives.
FTH Lawrence's Apartment Exterior.png Lawrence's Apartment An apartment in The Bronx that is home to Lawrence and Faith.
FTH Toad's Apartment.png Toad's Apartment An apartment in Toad's tenement that he lives in with his son, TJ.
FTH Trip Trap Exterior.png Trip Trap A bar that generally serves Fabletown's less fortunate residents. It is owned by Holly and frequented by Grendel and the Woodman.
SAM Questioning Bigby.png Upper West Side Precinct A NYPD precinct in the Upper West Side that Bigby is brought to after being arrested for entering the crime scene at the Woodlands.
SAM Bluebeard Dee.png Woodlands Basement A chamber in the Woodlands where Bigby's arrest is interrogated.
SAM Witching Well Chamber.png Witching Well Chamber A chamber in the back of the Woodlands that contains the Witching Well. Lily's body is brought here for an autopsy after it is recovered from the East River.
ACM Pudding & Pie Exterior.png Pudding & Pie A strip club managed by Georgie Porgie. It is involved in a number of shady activities, including putting enchanted ribbons on the girls who work there to prevent them from talking about their work.
SAM Open Arms Exterior.png Open Arms Hotel A hotel a few buildings down from the Pudding & Pie that is used by its girls for "appointments". Crane and Lily often met here.
ACM Manhattan Bridge.png Buckingham Bridge A bridge connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn. Lily's funeral is held beneath it.
ACM Crane's Apartment Ransacked.png Crane's Apartment A penthouse in the Woodlands that was home to Ichabod Crane until his crimes came to light.
ACM Tweedle Office.png Tweedles' Office An office that the Tweedle brothers operate their private investigation business out of. It is maintained by Flycatcher.
ACM Greenleaf's Apartment.png Aunty Greenleaf's Apartment An apartment in the outskirts of Fabletown that Aunty Greenleaf lives in.
ISC Comfort.png Bigby's Office The Woodlands' security office, and Bigby's base of operations as sheriff.
ISC Fishing for Sympathy.png Beauty and Beast's Apartment A lavish apartment in the Woodlands that Beauty and Beast live in. Maintaining it has caused them to go into debt.
ISC Lucky Pawn Exterior.png Lucky Pawn Jersey Devil's pawn shop next door to the Trip Trap. It is a front for the Crooked Man's criminal enterprise.
ISC Cut Above Interior.png The Cut Above Johann's butcher shop. It was taken over by the Crooked Man's crew and is now used to create and ship black market magic and glamours.
FTH Central Park.png Central Park A large urban park in the center of Manhattan. Bigby finds the door to the Crooked Man's hideout under the Gothic Bridge within the park.
ISC Crooked Lair.png The Crooked Lair A former church that serves as the Crooked Man's base of operations.
CW Sheppard Metalworks.png Sheppard Metalworks A foundry that Bloody Mary and the Crooked Man flee to after the altercation at The Crooked Lair.