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The following is a list of character deaths in Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us


"Faith" - 2/3 Deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party

FTH Faith's Head.png

Beheaded via ribbon removal. Georgie Porgie
Determinant - Lawrence

FTH Lawrence Death.png

Prince Lawrence Suicide.png

Self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head and chest, combined with blood loss from slashed wrists, and prescription drug overdose. Himself (Suicide)

FTH What A Twist.png

Beheaded via ribbon removal. Georgie Porgie

"Smoke & Mirrors" - 1 Death

Cause of Death Responsible Party
Magic Mirror

SAM Mirror Broken.png

Smashed with the magic lamp. Ichabod Crane

"A Crooked Mile" - 0/1 Deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party
Determinant - Tweedledum

ACM Found Your Throat.png

ACM Dum Dead.png

Throat torn out. Bigby Wolf

"In Sheep's Clothing" - 0 Deaths

"Cry Wolf" - 3/4 Deaths

Cause of Death Responsible Party

CW Vivian Ribbon Removal.png

Beheaded via ribbon removal. Herself (Suicide)
Georgie Porgie

CW Bigby Kills Georgie.png

CW Georgie Left to Bleed Out.png

Stabbed and partially disemboweled by Bigby. Later left to bleed out and die from his wounds or is disemboweled by him as a mercy kill. Bigby Wolf

Bloody Mary

CW Last Mary Crushed.png

Copies killed by Bigby in his full wolf form. Bigby Wolf
Determinant - Crooked Man

CW Crooked Man Choked.png

CW Down The Drain.png

Brutally strangled to death, nearly had his throat ripped out, thrown down the Witching Well, or head brutally torn off. Bigby Wolf

Kill Count

(Characters with Determinant kills are in bold)

Non-Canon Deaths

If Bigby fails to save himself during an action scene, then there will be a scene where he dies, and the player gets a game over screen. However, the player can try again from that checkpoint, and Bigby can re-spawn. These are the characters that can kill him in the game if Bigby doesn't stop them.