The Knave of Hearts is a character in the Fables: The Wolf Among Us comics.



After stealing tarts in Wonderland, the Knave of Hearts flees to the Looking Glass Kingdom, using mirrors to communicate with numerous women susceptible to his charms, including Mary. After impregnating her, the Knave grows impatient with Mary during labor when she is unable to give birth, and slices her open to remove their glass child which he needs to escape the authorities. Mary dies, but her reflection Bloody Mary lives on and takes revenge upon the Knave by smashing the glass baby and castrating the Knave, before slaughtering every woman the Knave impregnated, therefore thwarting his plan.

Throughout the Series

In the Silvering, the Knave and the Crooked Man rebuild the glass baby and get the Knave's new wife Abigail to revive the child. After the glass baby is fully resurrected, the Knave and the Crooked Man's gang travel to Castle Allerleirauh, where Abigail is possessed by King Edward who demands Faith. In order to break Faith's marriage to Prince Lawrence, the Knave convinces Lawrence to kill himself.


Fables: The Wolf Among Us



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