I65 Haven Arrival
Flycatcher and his group arriving in Haven.
Kingdom of Haven
Type Kingdom
Location Homelands
Seen in Series Comic Series
Issue/Episode Issue 65 to Present
Real-world Counterpart/Filming Location [[Wikipedia:{{{IRL}}}|{{{IRL}}}]]
Location Theme [[File:{{{Theme}}}]]
Haven is Flycatcher's kingdom in the Homelands.


Before the Adversary's invasion, it used to be Flycatcher's kingdom. After the invasion, it was abandoned for a long time, before Flycatcher and his companions returned to reclaim it. Thanks to Weyland and the other Fables' help, Flycatcher was able to quickly rebuild his kingdom before the Empire invaded again. Flycatcher was able to effectively defend his kingdom, thanks to his newly gained magical powers. He managed to effectively break the Geppetto's power of his Wooden Soldiers by causing them to sprout into trees during the battle, creating a new Sacred Grove in his kingdom.

Haven remains a place of peace and safety for all it's inhabitants thanks to Flycatcher's ruling. Meant to be a safe space for Fables within the Homelands itself, it stands as proof that a kingdom can strive on trust and community, as opposed to the Homelands now ruled by fear and violence.

After the war, Flycatcher made an offer for any Fables who live in the Farm  to move to Haven. 

When Mr. Dark managed to find the location of the Farm, all Fables evacuated to Haven. 

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