King Edward is a character in the Fables comics. He is the father of Faith, whom he tried to marry after his wife's death.



King Edward of Castle Allerleirauh once lived happily with his Queen and his daughter, Faith. After his wife dies, Edward seeks out the most beautiful girl in his kingdom to marry. However, after a time, he realizes that the most beautiful girl in the kingdom is Faith. Horrified at the prospect of being in an incestuous marriage, Faith uses the coat of a donkey to disguise herself and flee the kingdom. The donkey, however, had been one that excreted gold and provided wealth for the kingdom, which quickly falls into financial ruin without gold. With no wealth and no wife, King Edward is driven to suicide.

The Wolf Among Us

Many years later, the abandoned castle of Allerleirauh is entered by the Crooked Man's gang. Abigail finds Edward's corpse and puts his crown on her head. However, this awakens King Edward's ghost, who then possesses Abigail. Edward uses Abigail to make a deal with the Crooked Man: the magic word used to make the donkey excrete gold, in exchange for Faith. The Crooked Man agrees to these terms, and sets out to retrieve her.


The Wolf Among Us

Fables: The Wolf Among Us

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