Mr. Kadabra is a magician and member of the 13th Floor Witches. Originally a sorcerer named "Karrant," he cast a spell that made Geppetto ignore any land in which Karrant dwelled — at the of Karrant himself forgetting about his own land and the Adversary. Karrant, as Kadabra, ended up in Fabletown. He was killed by Dorothy Gale.


Depicted as a stereotypical Stage Magician wearing a top hat. In earlier appearances, he is seen wearing a button with "yog" on it which refers to meditation and concentration. His name most likely derives from the magic phrase abracadabra. He has recently been killed by an unknown assailant in the first issue of Cinderella: Fables Are Forever. In the Fables story In Those Days, it is revealed that Mr. Kadabra's real name is Karrant. Karrant was a powerful powerful sorcerer and was once engaged to a beautiful princess, whom he loved. To protect his bride's kingdom he bravely went to fight the Emperor on his own with his magic. While he did fend himself off well, the Emperor eventually defeated him and captured him.

And to either punish him or torment him, the Emperor sent his forces to destroy and burn his bride's kingdom. She was killed there along with the rest of the inhabitants. He was then forced to the capital but is spared death because Geppetto wanted many sorcerers in his net. Angered he cast a spell on the Adversary that made the Adversary ignore any land in which Kadabra dwelled. The cost of Karrant's actions was that he forgot all about the spell and his enemy. He wandered from world to world until he ended up in Fabletown in the mundane world, where he made a living as a stage magician, adopting the stage name "Master Kadabra". Frau Totenkinder did notice he had potential but she saw him as no threat. She did see him as a good and loyal follower. He was eventually killed by Dorothy Gale, who needed a dead body to send a message to her archenemy, Cinderella.

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