My mother? My mother? If she cared so much about me, where is she? And why do you need to look after me? I'm the man of the house now! I'm tired of being kept out, of being told what to do and what not to do! I demand to know what's happening including the stuff you've being keeping from me!
— Jack to Vrumpus about Lumi.

Evelyn-Lawrence-Pinder-Shinks-Cobblepewter, who prefers to go by the name of Jack Frost, is a fable that appears prominently in Jack of Fables.

Angry at his father for leaving, Frost goes to visit the farm. Once there, his father quickly gives him life lessons before trying to leave. Frost, angry at the disregard for his mother shown by Jack, freezes him. Jack is later thawed, and he sends Frost on a quest to help Bigby and Jack's sisters defeat Kevin Thorne.

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