Introduction To The Members Of Fabletown

Fabletown West (New York)Edit

Bigby Wolf

Bigby Wolf

Bigby Wolf Edit

The Big Bad Wolf of old. He can transform in and out of his wolf form at will, but it comes at a price. The price of the clothes he just tore up if he didn't strip down first. He needs to smoke constantly and heavily because of his heightened senses, but being well-known among the Mundys he does not die or get harmed easily. He was strong to start off too. He was torn open, filled with rocks, sewed up, and thrown in a river by the Woodsman and Red Riding Hood. He was underwater for more than one day, but he still survived because his father is the North Wind. His mother, I believe,is a wolf. He is infatuated with Snow White. He is not allowed at the Upstate Farm Annex because of all those he has terrorized up there. The Three Little Pigs (Colin, Dun, and Posey), and others. He saved Snow White, Rose Red, and others from one of the Adversary's chain gangs before they escaped the Homelands. His days as the Big Bad Wolf are over and he works as the Fabletown Sheriff. He constantly complains to Snow about the size of his office compared to the size of hers, the Business Office.

Snow White Edit

The Director of Operations for Fabletown, she is the one who makes all the real decisions. She did have an adventure with Seven Dwarves. And she did live in a cottage with her sister, Rose Red. She claims to not be interested in Bigby, but we will see about that. In Volume 8: Wolves! She may be a bit uptight, but she's the best woman for the job. Her sister, Rose Red, sabotaged Snow White's marriage with Prince Charming by seducing and sleeping with him. She was also Prince Charming's first wife. She has many duties to uphold, such as two visits up to the Upstate Farm Annex every year to make sure everything's running fine. She helped Bigby be able to take a human form a little into the Exile, after even he was forced into Exile by the Adversary.
Snow White

Snow White

Jack Horner Edit

a.k.a. "Jack Of The Fables"- a resident of Fabletown, originally introduced as Jack in Jack and the Beanstalk, he is infamous for his frauds, trickeries, lies, stealing and other illegal activities. Later in the series, he is called Jack of the Fables, as it turns out he is the Jack in many different stories. The stories he appears in throughout the years are:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Little Jack Horner
  • Jack Frost
  • Jack O' Lantern
  • Jack the Giant Killer
  • Jack and the Devil

The list might go on, as he keeps stories about his adventures in the past. HE was also Rose Red's ex-boyfriend. 

Fabletown EastEdit

The FarmEdit