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Oh, no you don't, sir! No you don't! You don't get to sink into despair! You're our mayor - our leader! And now it's time to step up and lead! With all due respect, King Cole, we didn't elect you to enjoy the privileges of office when times are good, but to shoulder the heaviest weight in the bad times! Well, times are sure bad now, so what are you going to do about it, sir?
— Grimble to King Cole after the collapse of the Woodlands.

Grimble is a Fable troll who works as a security guard at the Woodland building in Fabletown.


The security guard at the Woodland apartment building that forms the centre of Fabletown, Grimble is the troll from the tale of the Three Billy Goats Gruff and quite possibly many other tales where a troll features. He has possession of an expensive glamour spell. He has been shown to assume troll form for battle. During the Fall of Fabletown due to the actions of Mister Dark, it is Grimble who snaps King Cole out of his melancholy and encourages him to carry on. It is also he who motivates the former mayor during the evacuation to Haven after Mister Dark discovers the location of the Farm. He was turned into a harmless bird by Werian Holt when he began to unravel behind his alias.

Its unknown if its a permanent spell or a temporary one, since Brandish didn't want Grimble to reveal that he and Mrs. Sprat weren't Mr. Dark's prisoners. Though it is known that while he's been turned into a bird, its not changed Grimble's state of mind. And was seen several times.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Grimble has killed:

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