I63 Gretel
Gender Female
Species Fable
Hair Blonde
Family Hansel - Brother
First Appearance "Fables 52"
Status Alive (Ghost, Citizen of Haven)
Series Lifespan "Fables 52" to Present
Original Source Hansel and Gretel

Gretel is one of the refugee Fables who came into the mundy world along with her brother Hansel.


The Homelands Edit

Gretel was abandoned by her parents along with her brother Hansel. In the forest, the two came across Frau Totenkinder's house made of candy. Due to her powers being weakened, the two manage to turn the tables and Hansel shoves the witch into her oven, effectively saving their lives.

Fabletown Edit

Fleeing from the Adversary's forces they managed to reach Fabletown. Upon arrival they learned that the witch not only survived but had become a citizen too. While Hansel left, unable to live around Totenkinder, Gretel saw the potential of magic and became her student.

When Hansel found out about it he snapped her neck. Her body was deposited into the Witching Well.

Haven Edit

Gretel remained dead until Flycatcher managed to free all the souls who had been dropped into the well. She later joined his new kingdom and was given a corporeal form while in the boundaries of Haven.

Characteristics Edit

Gretel is curious and eager to learn, as shown by her apprenticeship with Totenkinder. Not one to hold a grudge, she understood the purpose of the Fabletown Compact, unlike her brother.

Gretel is also a strong willed person, as seen by her ability to follow Flycatcher into his kingdom of Haven. Travelling from the witching well to Haven is a grueling, torturous experience that many failed to accomplish to the hand. Gretel, however, stayed and made it through, showing her ability to experience pain and willingness to have a second chance in life.

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