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Still standing bitch! Nyah, nyah. See? See? --Can take anything you dish out.
— Goldilocks to Snow after being beaten and falling off of a cliff.[src]

Goldilocks is among the human Fables who lived at the Farm, where she was staying because of her relationship with Boo Bear. Along with the Three Little Pigs, she led the revolution to retake the Homelands.


Goldilocks is extremely ambitious and manipulative, continuing her relationship with Boo Bear only so she could be in control of the 'strong arm' of the revolution and only joining the revolution so she could be the ruler of the mundane world once the war against Fabletown had been won. When it was clear the revolution was lost, Goldilocks slipped away and made an attempt on Snow White's life, which failed.

She escapes capture when the Farm revolution failed by forming an alliance with Bluebeard, which she was supposed to repay by killing Bigby Wolf and Snow White. She failed to kill either of them and instead found herself face down in a river, presumed dead.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality: As a Fable,Goldilocks is functionally immortal,having retained the youthful appearance and vigor of someone in their twenties for hundreds of years.
  • Superhuman Durability:And due to being one of the most well known Fables whose story is practically common knowledge among the Mundies,Goldilocks has shown immense superhuman durability and recovery as seen when she having successfully survived and recovered from being violently axed in the head and beaten with a crowbar by Snow White,hurled down a cliff,hit by a moving lumber truck,thrown into a rushing river as a mangled body,survived being constantly drowned until she reached the Atlantic ocean and being eaten alive by fish.


  • Tracking: Goldilocks has shown to be a skilled hunter,having been able to successfully track down Bigby Wolf without much difficulty.
  • Marksmanship:Goldilocks has also been shown to be a accomplished sniper,with the hunting rifle being her favorite weapon.
  • Swordsmanship:Goldilocks has also displayed a level of skill in using a sword,as seen when she used Maerorgladi in her killings,but due to the swords immensely magical nature and her own inability to even scratch Cinderella,its likely that Goldilocks herself does not have much actual skill in using swords herself.

Killed Victims

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