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F25 Glamour

Grimble and Hobbes lifting their glamours.

You, look at me. You just see some bald-headed putz and you think you can walk all over me. Right? Am I right? You see exactly what I want you to see! Don't you get it yet? You think you know what's going on, but you ain't seen nothin' real. It's all an illusion. It's all a glamour and if you think the Crooked Man is gonna sort this all out for you? You don't see a goddamn thing.
~ The Jersey Devil to Bigby Wolf, Fables: The Wolf Among Us #36 — "Chapter Thirty-Six"

A glamour is a magical enchantment that permits individuals to alter their physical appearance. It is commonly utilized by non-human Fables residing in Fabletown as a means to appear human and seamlessly blend into society.[1] They are quite expensive,[2] and many Fables cannot afford them.[3] If Fables who do not appear human refuse to use glamours, they are arrested and taken to the Farm.[4]

Glamours are tough to make, time-consuming and expensive:[5] The 13th Floor magicians state that the high prices they charge for their glamours are due to the difficulty of producing them, and keeping the prices steep helps to limit the demand to what they can handle effectively.[2]

Beast and Bigby are examples of Fables who can change appearance without using this spell.

The Wolf Among Us[]

As described in the Book of Fables from The Wolf Among Us:

"Glamours are spells that allow the user to change their appearance. They are expensive, but can be purchased by non-human Fables in order to pass for human among the mundies. Cheap glamours can be found in the seedier parts of Fabletown, but they are often unreliable and prone to sudden failure."