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Fabletown is the fictional, clandestine community of Fables resident in New York. It exists in two locations, one being Bullfinch Street in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and the other on a large farm in upstate New York, protected with magical spells that repel non-Fables (generally referred to as Mundanes, or, informally, "Mundys").[1]


As the Adversary conquered the Homelands, an event known as the Exodus, refugees from fallen kingdoms began looking for somewhere safe to live. Rumors of a sanctuary world began to circulate, and this sanctuary world was the mundy world; in this world the lives of certain Fables were known as stories and/or folklore.

Fabletown was founded prior to the British acquisition of the town, when it was known as New Amsterdam, putting the founding date somewhere between 1625, when New Amsterdam was founded, and 1665, when the name was changed to New York, in all probability towards the latter end of that period, when an influx of people would be less remarked on. King Cole was elected almost unanimously as their first mayor and served for many years. As the city spread, the fables had to establish The Farm for fables that can't pass as human. Eventually, the entire community was absorbed into New York.

Fabletown Compact

One of the most ardent laws of the Fable community harkens to a signed Amnesty established shortly after their exile from the Homelands. In short, every Fable begins their new life with a clean slate, regardless of any crimes or transgressions they may have committed in the Homelands. It is considered bad form to render judgment against a Fable based upon pre-Amnesty activities. The only person to be stricken from the compact is Hansel.


Fabletown is located between Kipling Street and Andersen Street with Bullfinch Street running through. The two is divided into two blocks.

Businesses in Fabletown include:
1. Grand Green Florist/Chateau D'if Fencing Academy (Second Floor)
2. Edward Bear's Candies
3. Ford Laundry
4. Nod's Books
5. Lewis' Antiques

6. I Am The Eggman Diner
7. The Yellowbrick Roadhouse (Extents to 2nd Floor)
8. Webb 'n' Muffet Market
9. Woodland's Front Courtyard
10. Woodland's Garden
11. Woodland Apartments
12. Glass Slipper Shoe Store
13. Branstock Tavern
14. Unknown
15. Stone Soup (Suspected)

A. Alley where Jack got Mugged by the Wooden Soldiers
B. Three Blocks to the Empire's Embassy on Andersen St.
C. Five and a half Blocks to Rodney and June Greenwood's apartment.

The Wolf Among Us

Fabletown has an entry within the Book of Fables in The Wolf Among Us.

Fabletown is a community located on Bullfinch Street in Manhattan's Upper West Side. To regular people (or mundies), it appears to be an ordinary New York neighborhood. But it is really the home of Fables from many worlds, and within the business office at the Woodlands lies a massive cavern, a vast library, and hundreds of magical items of immense power. All non-human fables live upstate on The Farm, an extension of Fabletown.

Places of Interest

Ford's Laundry

Ford's Laundry is the laundromat owned by Mrs. Ford. The laundry was found in Bullfinch Street, but was relocated beside the castle once the new Fabletown was recaptured. It was the stage of the murder of its owner and Morgan perpetrated Goldilocks. Its fate is uncertain now that its owner has passed.

Nod's Books

Nod's Books is the bookshop located on Bullfinch Street. This is the bookstore that Beauty worked at for years before taking her job as the Deputy Mayor.

I Am The Eggman Diner

FTH I Am The Eggman.png
I Am The Eggman Diner is the local Fabletown diner owned by Vulco Crow of the Crow Brothers. The name is a reference to the Beatles song "I Am the Walrus." It is also seen in The Wolf Among Us, across the street from the Woodlands.

Glass Slipper Shoe Store

FTH Glass Slipper.png
Glass Slipper Shoes is Cinderella's shoeshop in Fabletown located on Bullfinch street. When Cindy is out the shop is looked after by her assistant Crispin Cordwainer.

The Glass Slipper is operated by Cinderella as a cover job to keep her fellow Fables from knowing about her spy activities.


Currently in Fabletown

Formerly in Fabletown


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