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The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in the Fables comic series. They are grouped by families or groups and roughly in order of first appearances.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, or unsecured since.
  • A character with a "Resurrected" status died at some point, but was later brought back to life, such as Bigby and those who followed Flycatcher through the Witching Well.

Wolf Family

I137 Winter 1
Conner Wolf
I150 Ghost
Fables South Wind
I114 East Wind
Fables West Wind
I111 Bigby
I128 Lake
I145 Snow
I145 Rose
I120 Darien
F105 North Wind
Winter Wolf


Fables 10 Jack Ketch
I98 Miss Muffet
I21 Jack
I39 Trusty John
I32 Mr. Web
I139 Briar Rose
I14 Edmond
I21 Hobbes Glamoured
I60 Kay

Beauty and Beast's Family

I143 Bliss
143 Beauty
I143 Beast

Knights of Malta Hospital

Crow Brothers

I76 Vulco
FAI8 Joel

Business Office

Magic Mirror (Fables)
I145 Cole
I108 Bufkin
I150 Boy Blue


I49 Mowgli

13th Floor

I144 Maddy
I144 Morgan
I144 Ozma


I12 Beth
I27 Mike
I34 Moss Waterhouse
I34 Gunter
I34 Gilda
I35 Robert
I49 Mr. Gordon
I49 Sarah
Molly Greenbaum
I23 Ned
I12 Tommy Sharp

New York City Police Department

I144 Jones
I144 Bishop

Meghan's Family

FAI30 Meghan
FAI30 Bobby
FAI30 Joey

The Farm

Brock Blueheart
I98 King Noble
I139 Puss
I98 Walrus
Brer Rabbit
I98 Br'er Gator
I6 Hare
I7 Shoe Woman
I142 Clara
I117 Mole
I9 Bill
I18 Arrow
I98 Pete
I24 Lamb
I27 Toad
I8 Cock Robin

Three Little Pigs

JOF I50 Carl
I2 Colin 1

The Bears

I112 Papa Bear
 Boo II
Boo bear
I7 Boo Bear

Jungle Book

King Louie
I7 Kaa Crop
I39 Baloo
I65 Shere Khan

The Giants

I30 Johnny
I30 Donny
I30 Lonny

Mouse Police

I14 Rex


I18 Eddie
I18 John Barleycorn

Civil War

I11 Death
I11 Sally

The Last Castle

Imposter Red
The Redcross Knight
Friar Tuck
John Small Death
Sir Herman Von Starkenfaust
Robin Hood
Tam Lin

The Empire

I38 Captain Umil Crop
I61 Corwun Peiderpestle
I71 Hansel
I72 Kerr
I72 Alben
I38 Captain Orm

Baba Yaga's Family

I89 Bright Day
I91 Dark Night
I91 Radiant Sun
I91 Baba Yaga

Wooden Soldiers

I24 Hugh
I24 Lou
I24 Drew
I31 Arlo

Greenwood Family

I130 Rodney
I130 June


Arabian Fables

I73 Sinbad
I59 Hakim
Ali Baba Fairest
I43 Yusuf
I44 Sidi

Mr. Dark's Forces

I83 Mr. Dark


I93 Red Riding Hood
I133 Brump
I63 Gretel

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