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Rose Red has arrived at her sister's kingdom where she is surrounded by three men. One of these men, Sir Royland, says she's is lovely but not as much as her sister since he is loyal to the crown. Rose asks Baron Ryald to duel Royland as she was offended by this comment. He accepts the two are thrown into a duel which the baron wins.

Since arriving at the kingdom Rose has become bitter towards Snow, upset that they aren't always together like they used to be.

Rose offers her favour in exchange for whoever kills a nearby dragon, Karynderon. All who go after it end up dying with infuriates the crown prince who had spent three years setting up a peace treaty with the dragon. In return for not sending her away, the prince sleeps with Rose (which was part of Rose's plan all along).

Back in the present time, her mother finally manages to convince Rose to lead the Fables. Rose asks her to reveal her true form, aware that they are not her mother nor Colin. Rose gazes upon an amazing golden light as her mother reveals herself.

Beauty wakes up in the middle of the night because of their child painfully kicking.

Bigby as well awakes sensing that something evil is growing stronger, suggesting she and the cubs go to his fathers. Snow agrees to get the cubs out.

Meanwhile, Ozma, Brock Blueheart, Geppetto, Prince Aspen and Princess Alder meet in the forest to discuss a leadership alliance. The dryads and Brock end up fighting, enraging the latter to become a giant blue armoured badger before being crushed back to size by Aspen.

Back at the Farm, Rose summons Clara to give her a status report. She then asks Clara to round up everyone she can at the square by first light.