The witches from the 13th Floor discuss the problem with Frau Totenkinder and their new leader. Geppetto comes across the Grandfather Oak, a magical talking tree. At the Business Office, Baba Yaga is almost killed by a magical sword that nearly landed on her. Frau sends King Cole a package. It is a small magical bag that stores what appears to be an infinite amount of gold coins. Ozma tells Maddy that she has to go to Fabletown and report back to them, what Mrs. Finch was supposed to do. Bigby states that they should follow Frau's intructions and turn some of the gold coins into bullets. Maddy catches sight of Mr. Dark, while Frau finds Dunster Happ, commander of the Boxers. Frau names herself Bellflower and tells Happ that she wants him to teach her how to construct box for Mr. Dark.

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