"Road-Runner and Coyote Ugly" is the seventeenth story in Fables.




Goldilocks shoots Bigby with her rifle, but he says they only silver bullets can kill him. She shoots him three more times, knocking him out. She plans to build a bonfire to burn him, put Snow axes her in the head. After being beaten up and falling off a cliff, Goldilocks still stands. However a heavy lumber truck hits her and she goes flying into a river, killing her for good.

Prince Charming takes Bluebeard's body and throws it down the witching well. He also says that Bluebeard has no heir, so Fabletown will inherit his fortune. At the airport, Snow says that since Bigby and her are now closer, she will consider a date with him. After checking with Doctor Swineheart, Snow yells at Bigby that she is pregnant. Bigby says that it is not intentionally his fault and asks Snow what are they going to do now, to which Snow tells him that she wants to be left alone.





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