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"Dirty Business" is the thirteenth story in Fables, with a cover date of July, 2003.


The conclusion to a 2-part FABLES caper. Bigby and his motley crew don matching black skullcaps and break into a ritzy building to stop a ruthless reporter from revealing their identities to the tabloids. Meanwhile, Sleeping Beauty's spell has forced the city into perpetual slumber'.


Bluebeard attempts to kill Tommy Sharp on the toilet but Bigby stops him. They then get into a heated argument and Bluebeard sheds a tear. They leave the building and return to the Woodlands, however Briar Rose cannot we awoken with a kiss from Prince Charming due to him not being in love with her. Flycatcher states that he should try and when he kisses her, she wakes up but is disgusted.

Sharp wakes up and Bigby tricks him into thinking that they bit him on the neck and can control him because they're vampires. Bigby also shows him fake pictures of Sharp molesting a child, really Pinocchio. Bigby says that they will ruin his life if any info on them is leaked to anyone. Meanwhile Prince Charming admires Briar Rose's fancy apartment and tricks her into living in her guest room much to Bigby's surprise. Bigby asks her how was she able to wake up back at the public store. She tells him that a police dog licked her awake and if he told anyone, she would hate him forever, much to Bigby's amusement. Late in Central Park, Bluebeard kills Sharp after telling him that he no longer had any use for him.