Edmond Dantès owns and runs Fabletown's Chateau d'If Fencing Academy above the Grand Green Florist. He can often be found in the Branstock Tavern.


Edmond is first seen mediating a fencing match between Bluebeard and Prince Charming, which Charming used as a distraction to allow his Mouse Police agents to infiltrate Bluebeard's apartment. He is killed by Goldilocks while she is disguised as Prince Charming in the Fairest graphic novel, Fairest: In All the Land, during a fencing lesson with Snow White, who was Goldilocks' intended victim. Although Snow is resurrected by Cinderella, Edmond is not, as Cindy can only bring half of Goldilock's victims back to life.

Source MaterialEdit

Edmond Dantès is the true name of The Count of Monte Cristo from the Alexandre Dumas novel of the same name.

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