A warlock and former Boxer for the Empire. Though he did not invent the sealing boxes, he was able to enchant them so that they would entice their targets to enter them willingly. He had been key to boxing Baba Yaga, Mr. Dark and the last of the Baleful Hernes. Frau Totenkinder (under the name Bellflower) asks him to teach her how to box Mr. Dark - despite her initial concerns that such boxes may have been made to capture her as well. During their time, Frau apparently seduced him and became his lover. They would develop a deep relationship and would become engaged. Its believed after they left Fabletown and the Farm that they are married and are either finding a way back to the Homelands or planning to live their lives free, in the mundy world.

He and Bellflower would reappear again at some remote arctic plain. Mr. North had summoned them to be there when he killed himself, taking Mr. Dark along with him. She chooses to leave his box in the icy lands, leaving with her husband to figure out how to get back home. The two never found their way out, but there was hope. In Inherit the Wind, Winter and her siblings were sent out for a test to prove worthy of being the North Wind. Winter flew out, unintentionally into the land of the North Wind where they were lost. Both confessed they had used most of their magic to survive. After pleading and a long trip (due to the fact Winter was still very lost) she lead them to North's castle.

There Bellflower told how Winter saved them and that both were in debt to her for it.

Dunster, a victim of Goldilocks' where he and Bellflower are felled by her sword. Bellflower is returned to life at the cost of his.

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