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My innocence died when my house fell on a witch.
— Dorothy Gale in Cinderella: Fables Are Forever.

In Fables, Dorothy Gale becomes an assassin, having developed a taste for it after killing the Wicked Witches of the East and West. She is Cinderella's archenemy and has seemingly been killed by Cinderella on a few occasions, only to come back each time.



Originally an innocent farm girl from Kansas, Dorothy Gale quickly developed a love for killing when her house accidentally crashed on top of a wicked witch in the land of Oz and was rewarded for it with a pair of silver slippers by a good witch. The Wizard of Oz then hired Dorothy to take out a second wicked witch, which she did with a bucket of water, and she found she had enjoyed the experience. A second good witch revealed to Dorothy that her slippers held a number of magical properties but before she could explore their powers fully, Dorothy lost the shoes over the Deadly Desert when she used them to fly back to Kansas.

Though the slippers were gone, Dorothy would return to Oz but she along with two of her companions — the Tin Woodsman and the Cowardly Lion — were eventually driven out of the Homelands when the Adversary's territory expanded.

Mundane world

Dorothy and her supposed friends reached the mundane world in 1943. She met with Snow White and Bigby Wolf at Fabletown but was repulsed by the Fabletown Compact and refused to sign. Though Snow believed it was because Dorothy did not want to see her friends sent to The Farm, Dorothy found the compact too restrictive for her needs and stormed out of Fabletown. She abandoned the Tin Man and Cowardly Lion in the New Jersey Pine Barrens and became an assassin for hire codenamed Silverslipper, reveling in the role unimpeded for decades with a resilience granted by her story's popularity with the Mundys until she encountered Cinderella in the 1980s.

Killed Victims

  • Wicked Witch of the East
  • Wicked Witch of the West
  • Karrant Kadabra
  • Ivan Durak

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