Death is a Fable that first appears in Fables 11.


During the Civil War, Death approached Sally Cornwelles's mansion at night to claim the woman's life following her illness. When he was just about to take her life, Jack Horner appeared from hiding and used his newly gained magical bag to trap Death inside, thus saving Sally's life. However, Jack's actions had a big consequence. Without Death to guide them, all of those killed were unable to die and move on. When Sally killed a chicken to make dinner for Jack, the chicken was still moving despite having its head cut off. Soldiers who were killed during the fighting approached the mansion with their gruesome wounds and demanded to know what Jack had done.

Left with no choice, Jack released Death. Unexpectedly, Death wasn't angry. In fact he was quite happy and satisfied because, always working to guide the dead, he had never had a moment to rest and thus a night inside the magical bag was very refreshing. He allowed Sally one more year to live in exchange for use of the magical bag for the occassional respite then left the mansion to begin his work again. 

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