I120 Darien

I58 Darien Wolf


Real Name Darien Wolf
Status Deceased
First Issue Fables 30
Last Issue Fables 150
I don't want to die. Please! Not yet. I'm still a little kid. Can't I grow up just a little more, first? I never even got to do anything yet. Please?
— Darien while trapped in Discardia.[1]

Darien Wolf is one of the seven children of Bigby Wolf and Snow White. Bigby has stated that Darien is the pack leader among his cubs.


Darien is shown as the leader of the pack. He takes a good resemblance to his father. Darien is the driving force behind the cubs, although often exerting it by teasing and pushing his siblings. However, he takes his father's lessons about how to be a good wolf to heart.

Darien is very confident in his own abilities, often verging on cockiness, and would take offense at not be deemed as the best, specially among his siblings.

He proved himself to deeply care about his family and he selflessly sacrificed his life to save his sister, Therese. 


Darien was the fourth son of Snow and Bigby. Being born with mostly wolfish traits and the ability to fly, similar to most of his siblings, prompted his mother to move to The Farm where he could grow up without being noticed by Mundies.

After the arrival of their grandfather at the Farm,  he and his brothers learned how to transition between their wolf and human forms at will.

Inherit the WindEdit

After Mr. North passed away one of the cubs was to become the new North Wind (since Bigby and his brothers were unfit for the position). Darien was excited with the idea believing he would be chosen. However in the last test, his sister Winter managed to prove to be the rightful heir. Darien angrily attempts to lash out or even bully his older sister, to which she unknowingly proves her power and literally blows him up into the sky. Leaving both their parents shocked by Winter's power, Bigby then urges the other children to get Darien down.

Cubs in ToylandEdit

The fourth will die to stop her
— Summer Prophecy


Darien appears before Bigby in his personal heaven, his father was shocked to find out he has also died. They share a last father-son reunion, before Darien moves on to the afterlife and Bigby has to choose to return to life or stay out of the picture for good.

Killed VictimsEdit

This list shows the victims Darien has killed:

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