Crispin Cordwainer is Cinderella's assistant in her shoeshop, The Glass Slipper.


Crispin once got into trouble when Cindy was away due to the shoes he commissioned for customers by elves. The enchanted shoes wouldn't allow the wearers to cease the activities the shoes were created for (dancing shoes, running shoes, etc.). This incident was resolved by giving the shoes to injured Fables who could not walk, allowing them to experience movement through magic.

In the Of Men and Mice story arc in Fairest, Crispin is seriously injured when a suicide bomber detonates himself in The Glass Slipper, in an attempt on Cinderella's life. If not for Beast being there to shield him, he likely would have died. This, coupled with a related attempt on Snow White's life, prompts Cindy to hunt down the mastermind behind the attacks. During this time Crispin manages to recover, and afterwards Cindy throws a surprise party for him.

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