The Count was a nobleman from Carpathia who was a friend of the Big Bad Wolf after the latter arrived from the Homelands. The Wolf's predations of the local villagers were blamed on the Count, and many people believed him to be a fell spirit who had risen from the dead. However, the Count enjoyed the notoriety this gave him, and befriended the Wolf. The Wolf described him as "not a bad fellow and a good conversationalist".

It is implied that he provided hospitality to Snow White and Feathertop when they offered to let the Wolf join their community of Fabletown.

Source materialEdit

The Count is based on Count Dracula, originating in the book by Bram Stoker. In the book, Dracula is a monstrous vampire (as the locals claim in Fables), although Fables suggests that he is an ordinary man whose monstrous actions were in fact performed by the Big Bad Wolf.