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Why not look it up? Isn't there a little book with all the stuff about the girls and all that written in it?
— Hans talking about the Pudding & Pie's log book.[src]

Clever Hans, more commonly known as Hans is an employee at the Pudding & Pie, working under Georgie Porgie.



Hans has apparently been known to always obey instructions, which he often misunderstands and ends up hurting himself or behaving oddly, as in the case of his noted fable, where he threw sheep's eyes at his wife. Unsurprisingly, she left him.


Hans now works at Pudding & Pie as a bouncer, and sometimes a janitor and handyman, hoping to one day dance onstage.


Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors

Hans is first seen when Bigby enters the Pudding & Pie. He is sweeping part of the main room while Bigby argues with Georgie. As the argument heats up and Georgie breaks the boombox he was using, Hans walks over to investigate. Georgie forcefully gives him the speaker and tells him to "fuck off". However, Bigby asks him to stop so he can question him on Lily. Hans reveals the existence of a log book that keeps track of the girls' clients and locations, much to Georgie's chagrin. He picks up a cricket bat and states that Hans needs to "work of his communication skills," and walks menacingly towards him. Bigby intervenes and relieves Georgie of the bat, and proceeds to either smash up or threaten to smash up the club, eventually convincing Georgie to give him the book and sparing Hans a beating.

Episode 3: A Crooked Mile

Hans is briefly seen sweeping behind Georgie when Bigby and Snow enter the Pudding & Pie looking for Crane.

Episode 5: Cry Wolf

Hans is seen waiting in line in front of the Business Office the day after the Crooked Man's trial, talking to Gwen. He is likely searching for employment after his employer's death in this episode.

Book of Fables Entry

"Clever Hans always does exactly as he's told. However, he often misunderstands his instructions and ends up hurting himself or behaving oddly, as in the case of his noted fable, where he threw sheep's eyes at his wife. Unsurprisingly, she left him, and now Hans works as a bouncer at Georgie's club. He hopes to dance on stage one day, but for now he's content sweeping up and making sure the crowd doesn't get out of hand."


The Wolf Among Us

Fables: The Wolf Among Us

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