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When things look darkest, Boy Blue will come back, blazing in blue light! He'll be holding a great sword with which he'll cut off the head of this new adversary and anyone else who ever troubles us! Then we will all go to live with him in a perfectly restored homelands empire, but one where Blue rules peacefully and benevolently. And we'll all be made kings of different worlds and continents and kingdoms in the restored empire, and Blue will be the loving emperor over us.
— Stinky making a speech to the other farm animals about Blue's return.[src]

Brock Blueheart is a fable that resides at The Farm and first appears in Fables 6.


Great Fables Crossover

After Boy Blue's death, Brock and some of the Farm Fables have gone somewhat, delusional (mostly because of Brock's rants) believing he'll be resurrected and become some-sort of Messiah. Thus as Clara has stated, started a cult of sorts. This becomes more riotous during the Fable Crossover when Jack and Rose Red have loud sex. Brock, very unaware how Rose was before she came to the Farm, believed that Rose was Blue's true love and insanely thought Jack was Boy Blue's reincarnation and even made him wear a blue scarf. He even gets the other animal Fables to attack Jack Frost (Jack's son) believing him to be bad. Despite Beauty's best and easiest attempts to explain Red's troubled past, Brock and the others quickly turn on her and try to hurt her and Jack. While Red is hidden safely at Wolf Manor, Jack returns to the Farm only to be kicked out by Brock and the others.

Rose Red

With Rose Red still in a near comatose state and refusing to take leadership of the Farm, Brock and his Cult of Blue are one of the forces that rises up to fill the power vacuum (the other contender being Geppetto). The two prospective leaders meet with Ozma to discuss a truce, where Geppetto's bodyguard Prince Aspen insults Brock. In a rage, Brock transforms into a hulking badger bearing armor and a hammer, however, his new powers are quickly outmatched by the dryad. With the Fables' allegiance almost equally split, Brock seems to have a decent change of wresting leadership until Rose comes to her senses through the help of Colin's ghost. Although she quickly takes back the reins, she decides to restructure the leadership to include both Brock and Geppetto.

Although the North Wind technically defeated and killed Mr. Dark, Stinky's still under the illusion that Boy Blue's still a cult figure and that he killed Mr. Dark.

Powers and Abilities

  • Immortality: Like all Fables, Brock is extremely long-lived and
  • Blue Magic: Brock Blueheart is able to wield "Blue Magic," a form of magic empowered by his faith in the messiah figure of his cult Boy Blue. Due to Brock's belief in Blue, he is also able to manifest a more powerful form at times – however, magic based on collective belief structures are always the most fragile kind, according to Prince Aspen.[1]


  • Belief: Brock's magic is based on his own beliefs and that of his followers, and magic based on beliefs and religion is extremely weak and easily destroyed by proper magic, as revealed during a skirmish.


  • Brock Blueheart may be the Badger from The Wind in the Willows. Though he is usually referred to as "Stinky" (even in the "Who's Who In Fabletown" section of every volume), he specifically stated on several occasions that it is not his real name (while "Brock Blueheart" was invented in memory of Little Boy Blue).
  • During a small portion of the volume "Snow White", his eyes unexplainably stop being blue.


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