1. REDIRECT Template:CharacterThe Blue Fairy is the being that provided the magical influence that allowed the creations of Geppetto to become flesh and blood.


Before and During Exodus

The Blue Fairy happened upon Geppetto while he was working with a magical log from a special place. She told him to carve it into something good, and he made a puppet, Pinocchio. She took a liking to the boy and in time turned him into a real boy, granting Geppetto the son he always wanted.

Pinocchio was prone to wander into adventures on his own, leaving home for years at a time. Geppetto in turn carved new sons and daughters, and every once in a while the Blue Fairy would turn one of them into a real boy or girl, along with making them loyal to their father.

Blue Fairy Prisoner

A drained Blue Fairy.

It wasn't long before Geppetto was involved in a conspiracy to replace the rulers of certain lands with his wooden puppets, and, amused by the proposition, the Blue Fairy played along. But, after a while she grew bored with the game and became less reliable. By then Geppetto had learned the craft and managed to incapacitate and bind the Blue Fairy. From then on she would become the source of his elixir that would transform his creations into flesh, or give the appearance of flesh when needed; she also provided the potion that kept the Snow Queen loyal to him.

After Exodus

She remained imprisoned until Bigby blew up Geppetto's cottage. Afterward she disappeared back to her realm. She would then return when Ozma summoned her with the intention of having her kill Geppetto. Pinocchio attacked her, but the fairy quickly overpowered him. Before she could enact her revenge, Beast stepped in an offered her a deal: in 777 days he would have Geppetto passively waiting to take whatever punishment she decided on, but if he failed, then he would become her slave for 777 years. The Blue Fairy agreed and departed.

When the grace period was over, the Blue Fairy travelled to Haven to claim her reward. Instead Beast managed to trick her into a marriage proposal in the name of Geppetto; once again she agreed.

She sent Lake as her representative to negotiate the terms of the wedding. However, before such event could occur she was decapitated by Goldilocks and her still talking head was thrown into the nothingness of her own realm.

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