Members of the Thirteen Floor.

The Thirteenth Floor are the group of witches and sorcerers that reside on the namesake floor of the Woodland Apartment Building. They provide the enchantments and spells to the Fabletown community, first and foremost the spells that cloak the magical nature of its inhabitants and make the mundys unaware of their presence.

The spell they craft usually come at a steep price, however this is done to discourage the demands for such enchantments to a level that can actually be accomplished by the group.

The group is compromised of the following members:

Book of Fables Entry

While not appearing in The Wolf Among Us, the 13th Floor does have a Book of Fables entry that is unlocked during "Smoke & Mirrors". Bigby can also recruit Aunty Greenleaf to the group during "A Crooked Mile".

The Thirteenth Floor of the Woodland building is home to a group of witches and wizards tasked with the protection of Fabletown. They use their powers to keep the community hidden from prying mundie eyes, but all magic has its limits... and every spell has its cost. 

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